How we run a sustainable brand

How we run a sustainable brand





In light of Earth Day, we wanted to share how we run a sustainably based brand, the practices we have developed to ensure we are making mindful choices, and how that all ties into our overall mission and message—to create intentional pieces that inspire people.


Locally produced: Producing our pieces locally ensures people are being treated fairly and making livable wages, allows us to make connections with the people we work with, and supports the local economy by helping to create/sustain jobs. 


Made-to-order: We create each piece made-to-order; this ensures we are not creating excess waste and instead can focus on what is actually needed. This means nothing ends up sitting in warehouses or landfills. 


Made to last: We use high-quality gold-filled or sterling-silver fixtures/chains and metals in our pieces that are made to last for years. We believe offering quality, long-lasting products in turn helps our shoppers to live mindfully and sustainably.


Materials: We work with a casting company that reuses and remelts metals over and over until they can no longer be used. 


Packaging: Our shipping consists of 100% recycled and recyclable materials. We hand-paint each cotton bag to emphasize our efforts toward sustainability. By adding special touches, we hope people will be more prone to hold onto and reuse our bags.


Mindfully made: Each piece is created with intention. We are not here to simply make more stuff, but rather to tell a story, to inspire, and to make connections.


We are still striving to make improvements every day. Our sustainable efforts extend into all aspects of life, and are not just limited to our brand. We want to live and breathe the movement, to show that we care deeply about our impact and what we are putting out into this world. We are excited and encouraged to consistently do better and to make positive changes as we progress and grow as a company.


Our next big step is looking into ways to partner with a charity that is devoted to environment conservation. Please email us if you have any tips, questions, or are curious about any other aspect of our brand, as we strive to be transparent.


Thank you for all the support and love!



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