Welcome to the B L O G

Welcome to the B L O G

 Setting the mood -

We are super excited to share with you guys our first blog post and the beginning of a new chapter in our journey.
We created this space as an extension of our website to expand on a more personal level, We want to be able to connect with you guys beyond our product and hope to inspire each of you! 

We are all about setting intentions, building vision boards, and manifesting our dreams/reality. One way we like to stay focused is by creating mood boards. They help keep us inspired as well as continuously push us to keep moving forward. Expect to see more mood boards from us as we strive to spark inspiration, as well as explore other topics to keep the inspiration flowing that we can't wait to share! 
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Randy Rhoads ring available?


Love this! Can’t wait for more !

Janelle Aleman

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